How to keep face posing after decompiling?

I made a headhack of Roland714’s MKvsDCU Kitana model

Kitana has some expressions, but they’re disappear after decompiling.

If I understand correctly the only one way is to make new mdldecompiler_expressions.vta, because this file does not appear after model decompiling to smd-files, isn’t it?

Or maybe anybody know any way to keep face posing after decompiling?

Alright I think I know what you did wrong, if you moved the head that broke it, though I’d say redo the qc, if no options pop up for the faceposing then that means the qc doesn’t have the information to do it in the first place.

I perfectly know about this mistake and I didn’t moved her head… well I hope that the head still on the previous position after I fixed the hair.

Sadly but it’s true. It have no information in the first place

pm the creator of the models and ask him if he still has the source files, if he does then you’ll be able to get the correct facial flex info and apply it to the model.