How to kinda teleport in Experimental

Hey so me and my co admin were goofing around and we figured out how to kinda teleport, I made a video explaining the process so I hope it help anyone out :smiley:

Tried to reproduce the bug and it works.

Hope it’ll be fixed soon. You don’t have to be an admin or anything. Just spectate a player and then type “sleep” in console. You’ll kind of respawn “in” them and you’ll follow them everywhere.

It was posted on reddit also, so watch out cause a lot of people are going to exploit it.

Wait without admin you can enter spectator mode?
well poop

It’ll be limited to admin later, but, at the moment, yes.

Reminder: The game is in alpha and you’re playing on the experimental branch. It’s not a game yet.

a cheap way to play with friends, yay!!

I hope they fix this soon, someone already used this to spawn infinitely on me and ended up stealing my base (wich I legally stole from someone else without spectator/spawn mode :wink: )

yeah people going crazy with this.