How to load a gamemode on a Dedicated Server...

Hi everybody.

Im not sure how to load a custom gamemode on a dedicated server. Im new to this and yeah.

I want to load a version of Cider. Is there a command I have to use in the server.cfg because im not really sure.

Help would be appreciated! Thank you :smiley:

sv_gamemode (Gamemode name)
And perhaps
sv_defaultgamemode (Gamemode name)

Im guessing the gamemode name you put as the name of the folder?

Yup, that should do it.

// Recommend use notepad++ or indent broke
// Basic settings
“hostname” “DarkDrive 2.0 (Test)” // Server Name for Server List
“rcon_password” “” // Remote control password (Blank to Disable) (Recommend use strong password)
“sv_password” “humza” // Server password (Blank to Disable)
“sv_region” “0” // Use for server list filtering: eastcoast: 0 - westcoast: 1 - south america: 2 - europe: 3 - asia: 4 - australia: 5 - middle east: 6 - africa: 7 - world: 255
“sv_lan” “0” // Lan only (1) or Public (0)
“sv_gamemode” “scrump”
“sv_defaultgamemode” “scrump”

Like that?