How to localize an addon

Hello, I’m wondering if there’s an out of box solution to make my addon localized? I mean to be able to place somewhere locale files and people can pick one?
Cuz I’ve noticed that TTT has it’s own localization system, Gmod has “language” library (which is not parameterized. and it’s sad). May be I missed sth? Or there’s really no ready-made solution?

Your mods should be using the GMod’s language.

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So I don’t see what kind of “parameters” you want from the default language library.

like in TTT

I see it something like:

language.Add("got_kitties", "You've got {kitties}! Yeah.")
language.GetPhrase("got_kitties", {kitties = 10})
-- OR
language.Add("got_kitties", "You've got {kitties|plurall("no", "# kitty", "# kitties"):}! Yeah.")
language.GetPhrase("got_kitties", {kitties = 10})

Something like i18n.

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Well, no, there’s no such solution out of the box.