How to log out from the forum?

how to log out from the forum?

(User was banned for this post ("this has nothing to do with rust" - postal))

Clear your Facepunch cookies.

Tell a mod you want to leave.

Don’t forget:
you’re here forever.

Why do people make dumb replies like this when someone asks how to log out?
They could be using a public or shared device to go on facepunch, it’s not unreasonable to want to log out…

Well he did post in the wrong section and all…

Oh I didn’t notice that, but I’ve seen a few threads that have pretty much been the same.


Because it’s a long running joke. If he want’s to log out, he can clear his cookies.

All the more reason for every cocaine-addicted chimp who makes a new “how do I log out” thread to use the fucking search function before reaching for the new thread button. The threads are always the same, including Facepunchers showing up and giving them shit.

SHUT UP…It was funny…:dance:

How is this a question for the Rust section?