How to make 2D3D text rotate, and make it viewable from behind?

Hello, i’m making an ammo box, and it is almost done, I just need the text to rotate, on my box, and it needs to be see-able from behind.

Front pic:

Behind pic:

The text isn’t viewable from behind!

How to make this text rotate, and viewable from behind?
My text code:

function ENT:Draw()

cam.Start3D2D(self.Entity:GetPos(), Angle(0, 90, 90), 0.2)
	draw.SimpleText("Stans Ammo Box", "Text64", 0, -150, Color(0,255,0,255), TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER)


To see from behind, rotate 180 agrees in yaw.



I ment, so you can see it from both sides.

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I don’t really understand how I can implent this…

Draw it twice. One time for each side.

Thank you, that worked, now just the rotation, i’m not sure how to do that.

Increment a variable on a timer, and rotate with that yaw value. Just make sure rotations are relative to a parent entity.

Umm, i’m still a real noob in Lua, and I have like, no idea how to do that.

cam.Start3D2D(self.Entity:GetPos(), Angle(0, RealTime(), 90), 0.2)
If it’s too fast or too slow you can multiply RealTime() by some value
RealTime()*5 --five times speed
RealTime()*0.1 --a tenth speed
For the other side just add 180

Awe-some! Thank you, it works perfectly