How to make a 3D HUD?

Yeah basically how to make a 3D HUD. surface.Draw is 2D but i really want to try to make a 3D HUD.

cam.Start3D, cam.Start3D2D

huh? Im bad at lua so a example of drawing a bar using cam.Start3D?

I agree, he should’ve explained the functions of those commands instead of just telling them. Still, you could’ve just looked at them here and here.

You can always pay for one.

You can use a neat trick to make all your hud elements drift with the player’s movements.
For example:
local hl = {} --hl means hud lag.
hook.Add(“HUDPaint”, “DrawOurHud”, function()
if not then = LocalPlayer():EyeAngles() end = = LocalPlayer():EyeAngles()

hl.x = ( -*3
hl.y = ( -*3
hl.nm = 1/5 --This is the speed at which the hud moves. 5 is a good number. = Angle((*,(*, 0) --Set the new angle

surface.DrawRect(ScrW()/2+hl.x, ScrH()/2+hl.y, 100, 100) --Add hl.x and hl.y to your position of ALL your hud elements.