How to make a 3D2D function draw a HTML panel?

Read the title.

The example is exactly what you want to:v:

You can also draw the entire HTML panel using PANEL:PaintManual()

Wow , i think i could be use full if it wont just get the material , but an actual php functional page , where you could add your inputs , could be a briliant addon

The hell are you talking about?

why not re-read the post , you could understand that if garry made it not to be a material , and that we could add inputs to the page , brilliant extra for gmod.

Sigh… You’re a idiot, learn how it works before trying.

omg if you dont have anything nice to say ,dont post , i would of thought a gold member would know that

Are you seriously saying that on Facepunch? Fix your grammar and attitude and then people might not be so rude to you.

There you o again , you just cant help it can you?

I just did, I told you a way people could respect you, I also helped you by telling you that the HTML Panel didn’t work like you said it did.

Thats why i am surgesting it works differantly

You suggested that Garry made it into something a basic HTML panel has always had.

Funny coming from someone that no one respects.

Ignore him, dingusnin. Add your suggestions to the wiki, or the Niggles thread, some of them actually get made.

As for the thread itself; the wiki example is (like Ralle said) exactly what you need. Just take the HTML material from the panel and apply it to the render, and draw with 3D2D.

Have a box.

He’s asking for a web browser similar to GMod Tower’s TV’s, where you can interact with it in-game.

Funny Feihc doesn’t know what he’s talking about either and so he supports another fellow idiot.


That can be done by Lua.

I never read that in the thread anywhere.
And if he wants to interact with it, then I’m not sure. I haven’t dealt with 3D2D panel interactions.

I know that. Which is why I was agreeing with you that he’s asking for things that already exist.

Because the guy explained it so poorly.

Easy with some math.

Could you possibly quote my post where i said that?


Thanks , i will do :slight_smile: