How to make a Bolt Action Rifle.

In this video, I will collect the rifle from Rust game. During the work facing many complex parts where I had a little sweat to figure out how to make them. Like Pipe Shotgun all made of wood and metal welding using manual metal arc (MMA) course for the job would be more came argon arc welding (the TIG), but it is not. In the course of some of the details have been processed on a homemade lathe.


Didn’t understand anything, but it’s still a cool video.
Always liked “How it’s made” style videos.

Impressive work.

Please don’t fire it.

video contains english subtitles

Thats very well done

If they make a community update 77 (or 78 I forgot) this will probely be on it. Marvolas work sir.

In Russia Rust is real life.

How much to buy it?

Dood, that is just straight up cool! Good Work man!

In soviet russia they roofcamp all the supermarkets.

But that Bolt looks great keep up the good work! ~ Go for the Rust cleaver next hehe

In Soviet Russia Rust plays you.

Accurate, great job :smiley: