How to make a Car Model....?


I have a little question.
How to make Car Models like this:

I can’t find any tutorial or Video to make these car Models.

Sorry for my Bad english…

Hey look, that’s my videos. I make those cars out of the PHX props that comes with GMod. Then I parent them so the props become stiff (acting like a model pretty much). Then I make a chassis around it. The only thing you need is GMod and some addons. I’d go more into detail if it wasn’t because I’m on my iPad but search for “MrWhite GMod” pn YouTube and you should find MrWhites channel. He has tutorials on the basics. Then jump over to Karbines channel (named Amplar2 on YT) and check out his parenting guide.
Also it’s not really that hard to get into. If you have some basic knowledge on Wiremod and regular GMod addons, then watch those tuts, you’re ready.

Oh Nice! Thank you.