How to make a content pack?

So, I have multiple servers with lots of content, some content is custom by me and my dev, other is just workshop and a few scriptfodder addons like Simpleweather and Car a licence plates.

I turn I thought logically, this did not include any research, and extracred a different servers content pack and made the folders and put different addons files into a content pack folder e.g

I merged TDM folder Models into CVRPContentpack1/Models etc.

This did not work, I did not expect it to, so using Google and it’s fancy new type face, I googled “How to make a content pack for gmod server” in turn I got videos of Eastern Europeans/North American teens showing you “how to get rid of missing textures in gmod with CSS content download link in the description legal.” Its almost as bad as reading “New DarkRP|STAFF NEEDED | $∞ START”, any way, all help is appreciated;)

Workshop collection?

He goes through the process of making a collection

Yea but then how can I but these into content packs the put them on the workshop? For example this random server has their own addon wich has all the textures models etc:

They’re literally just ordinary Workshop addons - What do you mean by not work though? Pretty sure Workshop stuff has a size limit so be careful when you upload it

I just want people to download content packs from my website, etc.

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And not have to goto a steam collection.

Then tell them to download it from your website? Apart from fast dl, that’s as close as you’ll get.

Make sure sv_allowdownloads is set to 1.


to make the clients download the file (and any other associated files such as model textures).
You have to do this for every file though.
It’s useful when making addons but it’s not efficient for a content pack.

Use the Workshop or a FastDL website I say.

No, i know this, all of this, i just wanted to know how i make a content addon with materials and sound files for custom stuff wich is not from the work shop etc.

I’ll sum everything here up for you.
You can’t.
Use FastDL. Sorry

are you dumb?
you can, very easily

take the models, materials, sounds, etc…put them into a folder called “MyShittyContent” or whatever, shove it into your addons folder, and blammo you have a content pack (you have to follow standard folder structure, you dunce)

zip (or rar if you’re fancy) that shit up, whack it onto a web server, and link children to it like you would dick pics

you’ve got yourself a fancy content pack that doesn’t have to be distributed by the heinous pile of shit that is the Steam Workshop

Thank you for understanding ;D

Didn’t realise OP wanted an ACTUAL ZIP (for some reason) instead of FASTDL :^)

I think the idea is they download it and install it manually rather then downloading on join.


FastDL is an alternative to the in-game downloader that uses HTTP instead of trying to stream it from the server itself.

I think it’s pretty clear you have no idea what you’re talking about.
Please show yourself out, thanks.

No. It’s called clicking a download link and manually extracting the zip.

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Well, i have got the hand of it now, but will leave it open incise any issues occur.