How to Make a Convincing Winter Map

Hey guys, I’m working on a snowy Russian city map, and I was curious what kinds of tricks and such can be used to make a very convincing winter like map. What are some things you use in a winter map such as:




Set the sun spread angle to something high for the light_environment.

Colour correction with a bluish/ greyish tint to it can make it look cold if done right. Same with lighting, cooler colours than the norm for a light in a cold area can have a massive effect.

Displacement snow piles on roofs.

A good winter soundscape

I’d say you should make it during the afternoon, when the sun is setting.

Naw That gives it to much of a evening glow.

Don’t exaggerate the blue. Have strong ambient light. If at night, use high contrast between the blue ambient and the warmer lights.


What colour exactly can’t he create to be right from day one? Colour correction is for correcting colours, not for raping with filters.

I used fog along with the snow to make sort of blizzard conditions