How to make a custom rig in SFM?

(FYI, I did look on the Valve Development Wiki regarding this topic, but it all did was confuse me even more. I also tried to use Auto-Rigger, but it never works for me.)

I always hear people talking about SFM rigs. I wanted to try making a custom rig, but I am confused on how to make a custom rig script. So if anyone knows how to make one, I would do like to know how to do that.

so by rig you mean IK setup? or an actual skeleton?

I meant by an IK rig script.

So does anyone know how to make an IK rig script?

So what exactly confused you on the VDW writeup about them?

it’s a weird topic. you can follow the rig_biped_simple tho. just read the comments. the manual structure is always just

  1. create the bone handles for all existing bones
  2. create the rig handles from all the bone handle locations
  3. create the hierarchy of the rig handles
  4. assign the rig handles to the bones
  5. assign the rig handles to their proper control groups

arm and legs ik just follows that sorta code way.

sfmUtils.BuildArmLeg( poletarget, rig_handle_endpoint,  bone_first_in_chain,  bone_last_in_chain, True )

you know you got only 2 bones to chain and control.

(there’s a ‘glitch mode’ to control 3 bones. but well… it’s glitchy. not recommended. e: just thought tho it could maybe be tooled to work with nice handle hierarchy with parents to use it. mmh. gotta test that. )

Sorry, but what do you mean by VDW writeup?

I read the comments in the rig_biped_simple script, but it all does is make the whole process of making a rig script just more confusing to me.