How to make a custom scoreboard

How do i make a custom scoreboard?
cant find a tutorial for it.


Use the Show/Hide hooks if you want to use derma. If not then use the HUDDrawScoreBoard hook to render it manually

thank you

oh and i just got an idea
when you make your own gamemode its a default scoreboard, not sandbox one.
can you somehow get the code for that scoreboard and add a field called status?

Just extract the files from sandbox and include scoreboard.lua then modify it for your needs

thats not the same.
I ment this one
and add a tab called status: and it will print if your admin, vip or owner

This is not the request section stop using it like the request section

i dont request i ask where u can find that scoreboard. Its the default…
If you make a gamemode and dont make a custom scoreboard thats the one thats used.

Just use the hide scoreboard hook?

The one in your picture that you want is inside of the base gamemode found here: