How to make a decent WWII Comic

Hi,Imanoob here and i am gonna teach you how to make a decent WWII Comic,this is my first tutorial so don’t be mad at me(i hope this is the right section :fuckyou:)


There is many several ways to make a good storyline.Here are some examples


WWII Movies are very good for making comics,try to take some of their ideas such as the storyline and such the best WWII movie storylines are Saving Private Ryan,Stalingrad,The Pacific,Band of Brothers and many more,i highly recommend movies that has accurate history and good storylines but watching movies with awesome effects are good too.


If you’re more of a bookworm than a movie critic than try out books,you can go to the library and look at the History section and look for books that is written by people who actually served at the time.Books are not so bad after all,they have more information than movies IMO because they are not focused on asplosionz and bullits with fragments hitting everyone in the head.


Documenteries are another good source of making a decent WWII comic,most good documenteries have 90-100% accuracy.I highly recommend this documenteries:

Apocolypse The Second world war

Commanders at War

The Documenteries have more than 5-6 parts and have alot more episodes in the series.

War Veterans

I know i am too late to suggest this but if you still have some war veterans around,try to ask them about the war.


Do not ask them too much,chances are that they will go on raging and screaming about the hell and horror they faced.

Sources/Things you will need when you are starting a WWII Comic

Forgotten Hope 2 Tanks
Simkas 101st Airborne Headhacks
Half Dead’s Nazi Zombie
Bloocolbat’s Nazi Zombies
DOD Federation
Short-Sleeved DOD:S guys Headhacks


Maps are very important when making a comic,what kind of WWII comic has a modern day Iraq as its map?the best maps for making WWII comic can be founded in this links.

Tips When Starting Your Comic

1.Always do think of a storyline when you’re about to start your comic.
My way of starting:
a)Always look at movies,books,documenteries
b)Think of my storyline
c)Find your resources
d)Start doing your comic
2.Always look at other tutorials before starting up,Haz-lifes Comic tutorial is good,you can find it in the Comic List thread II in the comic section.
3.Put Quality to 100% and turn up your graphics.

bloocolbat - for Nazi zombies
Half-dead - for Nazi zombies(1)
Simkas - for WWII Airborne Headhacks
Srgt-Shotup - for Short-sleeved DOD:S guys
Leon - for uploading FH Tanks
DTMech - for porting the FH Tanks
Federation Team(i think)-for making DOD:Federation
Fpsbanana - For DOD:S Maps - For Maps

I hope you found this useful and helpful,have fun out there.Sorry for lack of pictures.

I love you

In all honesty, I can take out the acronym “WWII” and leave it as it is and it would still be just another generic, unfulfilling “tutorial” for making a general comic.

For creating a WWII comic tutorial you lack substance.

Cool models though.

Thx for those Nazi Zombies models. Gonna need those later.