How to make a Dedicated Server?

Okay so i wunna do a privet sand box with my buddy but i cant figure out how to make a Dedicated Server. Normaly you can find the exe to make one in the games folder or in the steam tools but i cant find it in either place so how do i make a Dedicated Server?

If you just want to play with your friend, you don’t need a dedicated server. Just use the “Create Multiplayer” option in GMod.

yeah…no it wont let him connect

You need to open up the correct ports, one second.


27015 UDP and TCP


Open those on your router


or try here

How to open ports? I know people have said to type your IP into your adress bar but that didnt work for me.

The IP depends on your routers model, for example a Netgear is usually


it all depends on your IP range as well, for example mine is :, that is my IP so my routers IP would be:

To find your ip go to run or windows button + R and type cmd then type ipconfig into console

I have a netgear and i know how to get into my router but what do i do after i get in the router? i dunno how to open 27015…

There should be a menu on the side **I THINK **which says Port Forwading/Triggering. I THINK