How to make a free GMod server?

i dont know how to make a FREE Gmod serve without a router
but my friends say’s i need to enter my router etc…

but i dont know my router pass
so i need a way to make a free server without Router
BTW: i cant host via Make a server via Gmod

You can find your router password by looking on the bottom of your router, if it’s not that then you can reset your router, which will make the password default to what is on the bottom.

Usually forwarding the port 27015. If you need help, add me on steam and PM me, ill help you on teamveiwer

Im unclear if you mean dedicated

Your router password by default is either:
[/li][li]Somewhere on your router, on a sticker
[/li][li]In your router manual


username: admin
password: admin

Also, a router is a physical component that controls internet from your computer there is no way to bypass it…

It depends if you want it dedicated or local.

If you’re trying to play with a friend, use hamachi. It should be easier for you.

If it’s a Linksys… default is <no username> with a password of admin

Not a Linksys, I don’t know.

You seem to be missing all of the stickied threads though, you should read those first.

List of default router passwords: