How to make a functioning ladder?

I looked around the forum and couldn’t find a thread for this so i made my own. I’m making my own map and there is a ladder involved. The thing is, i can’t figure out how to make one that works. Can anyone provide me with a link to how to use the function or just tell me what to do to make a ladder climbable?

Working Ladders

youtube mah friend :smiley:

Stop recommending youtube, there are plenty of better written tutorials listed in the encyclopedia, in particular that 3kliksphillip guy preaches some serious poor technique at times.

still, i leaned to map off of him. i i dare say i can make pretty much anything if i had the time.

well thats how i learned and i do some decent mapping

theres a Prefab in Hammer, 'Nuff said

I really hate to burst your bubble, but the only map I’ve seen from you was posted in the ATV thread, and it was a god-awful fullbright turd.
I didn’t see a release thread for it, so I’ll critique it here a bit.
Fullbright has nothing to do with your skybox, only a lack of light entities in your map.
Ep2 has some reasonably nice daytime skyboxes and the VDC contains all the info you need for basic lighting setup to match.

It’s blocky, it’s made up of very few brushes. Experiment with detailing your pillars with mroe brushes.

Finally, you’re too lazy to take screenshots. Great, that says alot about the effort going into the map.

that? my computer is not strong enough to handle the compiling D: but i did add env_cubemap and lighting, but it errored and this is what i got… and i used the wrong game engine, i used hl2 instead of css which has nicer skyboxes…
but to compare that piece of sh*t to the map im making now is just shameful

Hey, I just took the bit that was shit and made it bold, and then highlighted the bit you need to pay attention too. It errored because you did it wrong, not because your computer is incapable. If you have a computer that can run hl2, you can compile a map. It may take longer than on a better spec pc, but it can still do it. You were probably taught wrong.

no dude… its my pc… i waited over 4 hours to compile it, and it errored seconds before it was done… the reason why my computer cant handle it its because of my lame ass processor, i bought a graphics card about 1½years ago to be able to run orange box, but now my processor is going apeshit on me instead >:C

and then it is why i made the map:
first off it was going to be private so i didnt care so much how it looked.
but why then did it get online? just wanna share a testing map for vehicles…
and it was one of those small minor training maps.

dude, that youtube guy is a very good teacher. if not for advanced people, beginers.

yes, that is what im trying to say… if it wasnt for that guy i wouldnt be able to map as good as i do now