How to make a Funny Gmod Movie

Since most of the FP community is tired of watching utterly boring and discusting videos, I think it is time to make a tutorial that will help wannabies get their 5 minutes of fame.

1. Be creative. Copying something from someone elses movie may be funny, but is not right.

2. KISS (keep it short, stupid) Making ridicolously long movies how a dude moved 1 meter from one spot to another is bad.

3. Use a decent Recorder; fraps or Source recorder

4. For Gods sakes don’t use Windows Movie Maker. Get yourself trial edition of Vegas or any else program.

5. Familiarize yourself with Source and Gmod commands; r_drawviewmodel 1, cl_drawhud 0, hud_deathnotice_time is a great example:

6. Explosions Explosions even More Explosions. Everybody likes them. Just if they are not too loud.

**7. Blood Blood even More Blood ** Not too much please.

**8. Funny Funny and even More funny! ** by following these simple rules that have no logic at all.

Well, these were the basics, but here is something a bit advanced.


Since i got a lot of messages regarding this video :wink: and it’s way to kill the people without using guns.

simple: ent_fire NAME becomeragdoll OR ent_fire NAME sethealth 0

2. Want to make a gman scene?

phys_timescale 0

Stops physics and time. (useful when blowing up stuff, or slow mo explosions, see Time-mod)

3. Posing?

Every good video needs good posing. Putting your ragdolls into funny places and positions enchances the mood

4. Funny music

Benny Hill theme does it all.

5. Keep the constant action

Making short breaks means people will have time to stop laughing. You don’t want that to happen, will you?

6. Play On-Line

Making movies in 2 makes it a hell of a lot easier

7. Adding sounds from movies, or voices makes it a bit interesting
(words of james bond coming out of Kleiners mouth o.o)

8. Entertaining deaths.

Kleiner dying by having his bathroom toilet stuffed with C4 Explosives sounds fun. Especially if he ate some beans with Laxative.

And finnaly:

**9. Making a Rickroll movie isn’t fun. Just link them here: **

Most of those were cliche…

and for #2, War of the Servers was long and good…


Ok now, that is an exception. And a very good exception.

are you fucking serious


Why are you telling people how to be funny when you make a video where people randomly die and when they die they fart?

Benny Hill music got old and un-funny a year ago

Make a better one. And we’ll see if he is better than your ******** or not.

Oh good sir, I beg to differ.

That aside though, you’re right about other cases, I just find that one really funny. As for the rest of the movie ideas, most of them are wrong. We’ve all seen short and random, show me something creative and clever.

Are you serious? Your last video was people dying with fart noises afterward, interrupted by random sexposing. Random explosions are not funny. 4, 7, and 8 are all wrong. Yakkity sax does not do it all, random shitty audio clips are ** not** funny.“funny deaths” are unoriginal, and aren’t usually that funny anyway. and that video is not advanced. this is meant to be constructive i don’t intend to flame, but your movies aren’t that good and i just don’t think you should be making tuts about it.

EDIT @ above: i feel bad for laughing.

I could type out my own post, but this guy pretty much covered everything I wanted to say.

Also, your whole post contradicts itself saying be creative and don’t copy ideas but then saying make it exactly the same as the rest of the random gmod movies pretty much.

Wait, what the fuck?

Oh god, not another Necromancer…

All i have to say is:

I use WMM…

Oh god what.

That looks cruel.