How to make a gamemode that isn't thirdperson Thirdperson

I’m wanting to make a RP script thirdperson to make it awesome and so it will be like playing GTA. Anyone know how to do this I know you can go thirdperson by Typing Thirdperson into console after you turn sv_cheats 1 on but I’m not going to do that on my server I want it to be ThirdPerson from the get go so anyone want to help me out.

I think you miss speeltl your thread title…?

I did whoops.

Irrelevant much?

then again so was my post

If you can help please do so I don’t want any shit on this thread.


Anyone want to help?


Not even worthy-able for me to use sorry.

You have to do some lua. I don’t know how skilled you are in coding, so I’ll refrain from telling you how as it’s a fairly complicated process.


Why are you making a gamemode…