How to make a Garry's Mod background

Here’s a little tutorial on how to make a background for Garry’s Mod. I’m not sure if this has been posted by someone else, or if this is unhelpful. I’m posting this because I have read some tutorials based on making backgrounds, and they all mention Photoshop, which you really don’t need. Before we start, I would recommend winrar for you, which I think is a really useful tool. You could download this in any search engine.

Go to
and download vtfedit.

When the zip process is finished, open the zip folder, and run the vtfedit program.

When your download is finished, open vtfedit, and click the white sheet icon on the top left. Import any picture you want to for your background.
I’m just going to use my background I made as an example on the picture.

When you import the picture, the size of the picture should at least be 2048 x 2048 for clearance and better view of picture (background). Just recommending. It’s really up to you, not to me.

After you’re done fixing and editing your picture, save into console folder. To be specific:

Name your picture to background01. If it ask you to overwrite it, click yes.

You’re done! If you followed my instructions and did it properly, it should look a little something like that above.

*To add background theme, go to sound, ui, and drag the music you want in that folder. I believe the music has to be mp3.

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Also, the background theme has to be named gamestartup01.mp3
I forgot to tell you guys. Thanks for reminding me, Madu and WPlayer.


it would help if all the pictures weren’t… not there. :geno:

The music also needs a name I thought :raise:

Yes, rename the music to gamestartup01.mp3 and it should work if you want own music to background

Whoops, I forgot to say that music has to be renamed gamestartup01.mp3
Thank you for reminding me, Madu and WPlayer.

This was very helpful, I looked every where how to do this thanks :4chan:

I recommend 7zip, WinRar is too bloated for me.


The music doesn’t work for me. Any help?

where do you put the sound folder? there isnt one?

You can also put in another start up music as well. Type in “gamestartup#” of the MP3 file to que that music.
NOTE: The start up music will only be played once after starting up the game. Also, the qued start up music will be played in order. Remember that the start up music will only be played once. So once that start up music is played, it won’t play another one unless you launch the game again.

And The_Zodiac, put the gamestartup music in the “ui” folder in the “sound” file. If any of the two is not there, make them.

Works perfect thanks! :slight_smile:

Where do i make the UI or Sound folder?

cause I dont have it but dont know where to place it.

yeah im sure it works just i have to download loads of shit to do so xD


plus ive always wanted my own background so this should be good


first time didnt work ill try another time now!


well i see just a blank black screen even if it may of worked it doesnt wanna not even the song:(

oh i think i did the music wrong gonna try again

i want to use an animated back ground with sound from stargate how would i go about doing that?


AFAIK, .vtfs don’t support animation. I could be wrong. I suppose that the materials are animated. Meh.

they do
ever seen an animated spray