How to make a giant ragdoll (Require assistance)

I know how to do this but i make some problem.

First need to decompilate model. In qc. file in first plase need type “$scale 1.0”. On place “1.0” need type how many times increased the ragdoll.

But when I want compilated a files I get a message with error about

%eyes_updown =  eyes_updown
%eyes_rightleft =  eyes_rightleft
%WQ =  WQ
%OO =  OO
%MB =  MB
%SH =  SH
%Y =  Y
%FV =  FV
%AH =  AH
%AE =  AE
%UH =  UH
%AW =  AW
%EE =  EE
%PP =  PP
%OH =  OH
%TH =  TH
%T =  T
%ER =  ER
%DS =  DS
%GK =  GK
%N =  N
%silence =  silence
%happySmall =  happySmall
%madUpper =  madUpper
%specialAction01Upper =  specialAction01Upper
%scaredUpper =  scaredUpper
%painBigUpper =  painBigUpper
%painSmallUpper =  painSmallUpper
%happyBigUpper =  happyBigUpper
%happySmallUpper =  happySmallUpper
%specialAction01 =  specialAction01
%scared =  scared
%mad =  mad
%painBig =  painBig
%painSmall =  painSmall
%happyBig =  happyBig

I realized, this strings about eyes and face posing and deleted them

Model was compilated and I put it in GMod. But model does not have the eye and face posing !!!

How to good complited the giant model with eye and face posing ?

Wrong section, young boy .

Nice release you’ve got here.

I don’t think scaled ragdolls can have faceposing/eyeposing/fingerposing.

weres download link???

I’ll help you out with giant ragdolls, just PM me. :smile:

You could try this guide right here, although some ragdolls require other stuff to do.

This. It’s really useful.

Big thanks mech126, but then I tried this programme I get this error and model wasnэt appearedю What’s not correct ?

That’s the “other stuff to do” I mentioned earlier. I don’t know about the female scout but ragdolls with special jigglebones or the such need more things to do (according to the author of that tut).

I get that error too sadly. Would be nice if someone knew the solution

Hmm I’ve never dealt with models with jigglebones before. Can’t help you there. Sorry. :frown:

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i need help with the scaler thingy. if someone got skype, add sonnyman15 and say you are willing to help, so i can rescale some models