How to make a good ragdoll pose image?

How to basically make a good rag-doll image? What do I need to learn or know?

How to pose. There really isn’t much to it, just do it, take a screenshot and then crop it out if you need to.

Also, I give you a medal because of your avatar.

You need to know how to pose, how to do lighting, and SOME image editing is useful but shouldn’t be used at first.

What he said. But it probably will take some practice.

The key is, do NOT freeze the head first. Manipulating the rest of the body is an entire bitch, so make sure you freeze the body first. Make sure the feet are flat on the ground, and look realistic (with slight bending, not straight up like logs).

If you want to make an action scene you can hold the right mouse button and rotate the camera a bit, like on the side of a car, it does look pretty awesome sometimes

I think he meant the camera tool.