How to make a good solo base?

I have been playing rust solo by myself for 5 weeks now. The best base i managed to make had about 9 metal doors with 3 floors and no one raided it because they simply did not have the time or the explosives, but then the wipe happened. So i was wondering if anyone had good tips for solo bases because its hard to grind wood and metal for metal doors without running into a group of 2-4 with kevlar and getting my base raided or head blown off, or simply getting offline raided because its hard to grind supplies for a huge house by yourself.

Also, how much charges to break a wooden wall? I was thinking of making a snake base to see how it would turn out but i don’t want to make a long base if they could just break a wooden wall with a few charges.

i have built a Base that needs about 18 sachels to raid Even if u use walls about 23 so yea and its 3 floors Id say Just get up when theres about 30-60 people online and go get wood etc thats what i do

And in 1 hour i get 600 Metal ore
10000 Wood
890 Sulfer ore

Lol you get 111 wood piles per hour?

only 600 metal ore i get that in like 20 mins

A woodpile every 30 seconds like a boss. It’s impossible I don’t know why kids brag.

#1 Rust lumberjack

What server you play on? my group is always looking at add ppl we have plenty of supplies to help and a TS server

US 2 and US 3 is where my stuff is most researched but i can start again if you play on us 1, but i never played on the eu servers if you play there.

us2 here we have everything researched right now well we just got full metal if when the server went back down didnt wipe it out

Me and a friend of mine have our own bases next to each other, mine has/had 3 floors with 6 metal doors. We also started building our own metal houses recently. It worked out perfectly for quite some time (as long as we had those foundation/pillar things around our houses to prevent people from climbing in) until recently our neighbors raided our bases with a ton of c4 and conquered our metal house just because they think we raided them.

not impossible actually, I know a spot where resorces spawn in 4 locations next to eachother, by the time you finnish you go back to where you started and they spawn again