How to make a headhack using models with different skeletons?

Maybe it’s a stupid question, but it’s really big problem for me. For example, I want make a headhack using crysis marine and starship trooper, but they have different skeletons, and as a result I’ve getting a headhack with cracked hands. The same problem when I’m going to make a headhack Jessica + female admiral from Mass Effect 2 or worker.

You need to import the head model and remove any bones except the head ones plus its body mesh, then import it onto the other body mesh.

That way it will work, because otherwise you overwrite the body with the imported bones.

Ugh, I’m such a bad explainer.

No, I’m understand you, thank you. Well, I’ll try to do like you explain.

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The other mesh must be without bones?

Basically, if you have a model with a head that you want to hack onto the other model you need to do this:

Let’s call the head model model A and the model you want to hack onto it model B. You start by opening up model A and remove the body and the bones attached to it. So if you want to keep the head, keep the head bones. Then export this as SMD or something and then load up model B. Remove its head and import model A onto it. DO NOT MOVE THE HEAD, as it will break faceposing for it. Move the body until it fits and link bones and whatever and export.

Ok, thank you again.

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Wait, and what I must do with the phys-file?

You need to make a new one, unless the skeleton is exactly the same.

Well, it’s problem…