How to make a job cool down after DEMOTED ON DEATH.

Ok so I got this job where you use the Jihad Bomb to suicide as the terrorist and when they die they get demoted upon death. How do I make the job cooldown after demotion.

Jihad Bomb is in Shipments for this job Only.

Job Code:

TEAM_SUIC = DarkRP.createJob('Suicidal Terrorist ', {
	color = Color(0, 0, 0, 255),
	model = 'models/player/Group03/male_03.mdl',
	description = [[You are a Suicidal Terrorist! You must /advert Suicide before blowing up! Or else your banned. NOT KICKED.]],
	weapons = {'m9k_hk45', 'weapon_arc_atmcard'},
	command = 'suicide',
	max = 2,
	salary = 0,
	admin = 0,
	vote = false,
	hasLicense = false,
customCheck = function(ply) return CLIENT or
	table.HasValue({'superadmin', 'vip', 'vip +', 'potato cc', 'mod + vip', 'eman cc', 'drice cc', 'phillip cc'}, ply:GetNWString('usergroup'))
CustomCheckFailMsg = 'This job is VIP and VIP+ only!',
PlayerDeath = function(ply)
                if ply:Team() == TEAM_SUIC then
                        ply:changeTeam( TEAM_CITIZEN, true )
                        for k,v in pairs( player.GetAll() ) do
                                DarkRP.notify(v, 1, 4, "The Suicidal Terrorist has suicided! Therefore he has been Demoted to Citizen!")

Why wont anyone help?

cooldown = CurTime() + number you want.

hook.add(“tick”, function()
if CurTime() > cooldown then
let them click job



figure it out

Figure what out? Im not an LUA expert.

Well you already have the player death hook so this should be all you need:

Wait so what would it look like with my Job Code. Do I just put:

 Player:teamBan( number team, number time 

Or do I put something to let it know that it has to so it when he dies.

Why is noone helping :frowning:

Noone is obligated to help. Especially if you expect a completed result made for you.

Regarding to what you posted on my profile:

  • I don’t like you either
  • This is developer discussion area, not “freeloaders discussion”
  • You made a separate thread without reading rules first, which states clearly "Do not create new thread if you have issues related to DarkRP, use this thread:

you are a self bumping greedy ass fuck that gets a temper when shit doesnt work.
-why nobody is obligated to help.

You have been given everything you need, now just FUCKING MAKE THE SCRIPT YOURSELF OR AT LEAST ATTEMPT TO.