How to make a light change after 3 seconds?

Hey guys, i’m making a disco map, with a transparent floor, but I want to have a light, that changes color every 3 seconds (From green, to red, to blue.), how would I do this?
Help would be great!

I haven’t mapped for a while so I can’t really remember, but I think the entity you would use is math_counter.

(Then you just use your normal methods to send outputs and make it flicker.)

You could use logic_timer and math_counter, or just a set of logic_relays.

OnTrigger - Light - Color - Red Green Blue

There isnt a “Color” Input, will it be SetPattern then? or? I can choose out of

FireUser 1/2/3/4

In that case, seeing as it doesn’t exist: toggle 3 lights on and off each with their own color.

Okay, will do.

Related to lights, is it possible to add a cheap light that doesn’t effect lightmaps? (As the gmod’s light entity or any light created in-game, such as a muzzle flash)
Because named lights seem nasty when used much.

Use a light_dynamic for the effect. That way you don’t take up too many lightmap pages.