How to make a loading screen image

hi, am currently having a issue. I don’t know how to set my custom wallpaper that i made for my server on my loading screen. I don’t know how to link it, i tried sv_loadurl html and it is not full screen. can somebody help me or tell me what i need to do to set the image as a loading background for my Garry’s mod server. thank you!

The correct term is “sv_loadingurl”. And if i am correct it needs to be a hosted image. So try uploading it to a image hosting website unless you have one that the image is uploaded to.

Use tiny pic a an image host (example), failing that, use your web host (providing you have one), connect to the FTP, make a folder in public_html called loading. Put the image in there. Now in sv_loadingurl, it should look like this…
<website name><file name><. File type>
Ill use google as example

This will work.