how to make a Local ttt server

Hello I’m not a noob in gmod so dont call me that im able to make a server with all gamemodes but i cant seem to get ttt working i put terrortown folder in gamemodes but it wont show up in the list and i was wondering if someone can help me with idk whether im suppose to do something else to make it work.

p.s don’t tell me to get a server hoster to do it because i get pissed off at that answer because this is a local server I’m trying to make not a 24/7 internet server.

It’s based on fretta, put TTT in the fretta folder and than launch a server with the fretta gamemode.

Alright i understand what im supposed to put in fretta folder but i cant seem to find ive even tried making a fretta folder i just cant seem to work it so if someone has the exact locations to the fretta folder and plz dont tell me that it is in the gamemodes i cant find it in there

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another thing is ttt doesnt seem to be read as a fretta gamemode

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or a gamemode its just gone from gamemode list

Just to clarify: I take it that you’re running a Fretta server, and TTT is simply not popping up in the list of gamemodes during a Fretta vote? I believe you just need TerrorTown under gamemodes; that’s it. I don’t think it needs to be actually added to any special Fretta things. However, TTT should already be installed to begin with unless you’ve changed something.

I totaly agree with u but thats the problem it wont show up in any fretta gamemode vote or anything