How To Make A Map [Video Tutorial]

This has to be satire


nobody can ever have a desktop with all that shit on it.

oh my god


I’m dying


anyway, couldn’t bare watching more than 2 minutes because of the echo. it sounds like one of those sci-fi movies from the 70s trying to sound spooky by adding echo.

you forgot to remove the porn folder from your desktop

It took him 11 minutes to create a brick room with a spawn.

Which is 5 seconds shit for us :v:

you call that mapping?
no 128 tall walls?
what kinda dumb kid you are
also why the 3d view is wireframe instead of textured

Fuck textures, Best mappers work in wireframe, you don’t know that?

WTF is wrong with this kid.
Minute 06:50 , wtf is with that " bleachhhhhhh " ?? The only thing I can say is that he fucking scared me.

11/10 thanks for the aid.

Of course he’s doing it bad on purpose, the profile says all.

wireframe looks more professional

look through desktop and I saw “gm_thebox…”. Stopped watching there.

Love how much minecraft shit he has on his desktop…

Especially “Minecraft CRACKED”


OP, noob, please delete system32 off your system. Goddamnit, it’s an annoying folder.

(User was banned for this post ("Trolling / terrible joke" - Craptasket))


(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Craptasket))

ok i think we got it

Being trolled this hard.

Come on, guys.

thanks for the tut now i can be an awesome mapper!

This is the best video on youtube, its so clear and precise!