How to make a models for Gmod withouth biying anything ?

i just want to make the models !

Easy option: Get a job, well, not really.

OK, you can get the Blender modelling tool for free; there’s a tutorial here in FP about making models in Blender, i.e. ragdolls and stuff.

Or the Modtool Version of Softimage XSI, it’s free too:


huckleberrypie can you give me the link for this tutorial &


Its just as powerful as Maya and 3ds Max and its free.

Too bad it can’t import Source’s .mdl files.

Not a problem if you want to -make- models.

You don’t import the mdl’s you idiot. You decompile the mdl’s then import the smd’s edit them and recompile. As to my knowledge, NO 3D modelling program can do that.

Yup, the .mdl’s need to be turned into .smd’s for editing. And I know that Blender has plugins for at least exporting as .smd.

i just watch the video on youtube when it showin how to make model but in the end of this tutorial in need to decompres smd to mdl but for this i need to have half life 2 or orange box what should i do &