How to make a not costly collision tube?

So I’ve got a tube like this:

But I’m not sure how to efficiently put it into a collision model without doing one convex shape for each side. Is there a way or will I have to use up like 10 convex pieces?

You will have to use 16 convex pieces.

That sucks, but thank you.

On top of that, there will need to be an individual smoothing group for each set of faces per each convex piece.

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It does suck, it makes complex collision meshes such a hassle.

Yeah I know about the smoothing groups, on a side note is there any way to go higher than 32 in 3ds max?

If you’re going above 32 physboxes, you should really consider breaking up your model, or better yet rethinking how accurate the physics needs to be. Just because the mesh has 20 sides doesn’t mean the physics needs to have the same amount.


$concave is your friend, though like Lt said you should consider cutting the side count in half, or even to a quarter if this needs to be concave for whatever reason but isn’t really an expensive or player-sized object.[/t]

It’s sort of what Magman stated. This is just alternating smoothing groups (1-2-1-2).

Oh shit yeah, I forgot it can be alternating. As long as they dont touch it can be the same collision group right? That’ll be useful as hell.

This is the model I’m adding collisions to by the way:

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Smoothing groups I mean, not collision

tardis!!! :smiley: