how to make a peaceful server

Hello :slight_smile:

So, I was planning to offer a server to the community, where they can just enjoy the game and not worry about anything … the idea was great and there were a lot of players soon.

But I have one big problem, there are some “raiders” (maybe even hacker), who no-one saw yet. But several times a week almost every building on the map is raidet … and not in an ordinary way - let me explain:

If you are about to raid a house, you may destroy one wall or door to get in, take the stuff, … and leave.
But they destroy EVERYTHING (except foundations, pillars and ceilings)
Even huge structures … ALL walls gone …

But there where other ways aswell … for example where they used, stair-towers to get inside a base - i assume, that there are several people or groups, that destroy the fun on this server …

But I’m not here to cry … I’m here to ask something.
As I’m the admin, is there anything i can do to stop this … I currently have rust++ running and this mod is really useful - but nothing for that case …

you can only destroy, what belongs to you
you cannot built anything too close to another players base
you cannot loot Explosives, Explosive Charge or F1 grenade
you cannot craft them either
if you destroy ANYTHING, it’s written into a logfile

I don’t know …

Can someone help me please?