How to make a pipebomb


Holy shit it looks cinematic!
Love Francis’ dumbfounded expression.
Inspired from the L4D comic I presume?

Some slight clipping on Francis’ ring finger.

Francis reminds me of Sid from Toy Story. “Whoah… What can I blow up?”

Or a parakeet.

Goood. Good.

Whoa. Damn good AI, damn good.

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Oh, Francis’ finger is clipping through his shotgun.

I love Bill’s Expression, He looks interested and it fits his character.
Great Job!

Amazing posing in general, looks incredibly natural. The Angle and DoF are pretty neat too.

Thanks people

It’s artistic like my butt.

Isn’t it Bill who taught Louis how to make a pipe bomb, not the other way around? It’s in the Sacrifice Comic…

EDIT: Scratch that, I just checked. I got it wrong, it WAS Louis teaching Bill.

I was worrying I got it wrong and they said molotov :saddowns:

Pretty sure anyone can make a molotov…it’s just hard alcohol with a soaked rag stuffed into the top. Doesn’t take a Vietnam Vet to figure that out…

EDIT: Also, now that I look at it again, Louis could use a little more lighting on his side. Apart from the clipping on Francis’s finger, it’s still a great pic overall though.

Zoey seems a tad distracted with staring at Bill. :3: The picture looks amazing, though.

They’re like one big happy family.

This is great. Only complaint is the magical levitating M16 of magicness.

Why would Louis teach Bill the 'Nam vet? Seems a bit odd.

Anyways, great work - looks just like a Source cinematic. If I were you I would have edited around the heads and hats n stuff to make them look higher-poly and less angular.

Very nice.

Actually, while your example would work, the way the original Molotovs were made was by filling a bottle with gasoline and soap, and stuffing a rag into it. They were designed during WWII as anti-tank weapons; throw one of those onto the tank’s air vents, and the crew will have to get out in a hurry. The gasoline assures it will burn long and hot, and the soap makes the fire stick. That’s one of the reasons they were so effective. I cannot explain HOW I know that.

On the picture, it is really awesome. It’s got a very cinematic feel to it. For some reason, I was reminded of Terminator. “Now, screw the cap on. AH! Very gently…”

Holy shit bro, awesome everything

Pretty awesome face posing.