How to make a private Garrys mod server elevator?

Hi there, I was wondering how exactly do I set up a private server for my friend and I to join? Because I’m a newb to this, but I have port forwarded my router.

Kind Regards,

Well, you hit create new game, make it multiplayer on the top right, and set it up the way you want. But if it’s not forwarded correctly, it won’t show up to your friend in the server browser. If all else fails, you can download hamachi, which allows you to connect to your friend using LAN.

Thank you I’ll try that out :smile:.

Don’t bother with finding the server manually. Open the console and use “connect x.x.x.x” where x.x.x.x is the IP. You can find your external IP by using sites like
But again, Hamachi & Tunngle are the easy ways out.

Thanks that worked, they can join, but how do I make it private like MineCraft.