How to make a prop a train

So i have this model train, now how do i make this move. Also i want to attach a sound and a env_shake for when it goes over the players head, then when its out of the players view, wait a few mins and go over again. Please give a detailed answer i cant understand how to do it from other tutorials, if you could add screen shots that would be great. Thanks :slight_smile:

This might help you:

It does not tell me how to attach the things like the models etc :confused:

Make the actual train a small rectangular block, and parent the props to the train, and It should work.

build the train then highlight all the brushes/props and tie them to a func_train

done diddly done

Ok, and how do I make it teleport back to its starting position after like a couple of seconds?

hmmmm youre asking a lot there.

with my train, i just have it on a constant loop rather than re-spawning.

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could i get a screenshot of the track from birds eye? i could try and work something out.

Srsly, just figure it out by yourself. I never asked people how to do anything (almost) and tried everything by myself basing on tuts on internet.
There is almost always a few possible ways to do one thing.

I always do trains by creating an invisible (nodraw) brush, turn it into tracktrain and then parenting everything I want to it.

  1. Set 2 path_track and set first one “teleport to this path track” flag.
    2 or just put an output on second path_track that will teleport train to first path_track
  2. Or u can set put a trigger_teleport that will teleport the train.
  3. Or you can make the train a spawnable object by the point_template and kill it everytime it passes the second path_track and spawn new one at start position.
  4. I bet there is more ways to do it.

Just be creative and test your ideas.