How to Make a Proper v_weapon [Source Mod]

So for my little source mod, I’m needing to add new weapons… However, I’m completely oblivious as to how to do this, besides for the modelling and animation. I do not know how to do pretty much anything else, and I need some help from the people of this lovely forum! :3

What I need to know is -

  • How to make the weapon responsive to reloading, fire, and secondary fire binds

How to adjust it properly to the screen.*

I would also like to know how I can go about making a custom crosshair, but I’m not sure which section of this forum that would fit in. So might as well ask it here.

Those are done via activity identifiers in the $sequence commands.

Honestly the best way to figure out how something works is just to decompile an existing model and use that as a reference.

Yeah I was considering that… I’ll look into it. Any words of advice on how to make a custom crosshair though?

That’s most likely LUA related, or C++ if you’re coding everything from scratch.