How to make a rope invisible clientside?

I’d like to make a rope invisible for a limited amount of players or even a single player. Therefore I need it to be done completely clientside. I’ve tried the following things:

[lua]rope_ent:SetColor( 255, 255, 255, 0 )[/lua]
[lua]rope_ent:SetNoDraw( true )[/lua]
[lua]rope_ent:SetKeyValue( “Width”, “0” )[/lua]

However, none of these work. Does anyone have an idea?

I solved this by setting the alpha < 255 of the rope, but now I have another question. How can I find constraints for an entity clientside?

I suck at scripting, but try to set the color to:
[lua]rope_ent:SetColor( 0, 0, 0, 0 )[/lua]

have the server usermessage it to the client? in a table?

I’d think constraint entities can’t exist client-side since they’re only useful server-side? I could be wrong though:v:

Well, they are predicted, so they can be.

ever just try to remove it clientside?

That would screw up prediction.

I don’t really get what he’s trying to do. Is he just trying to make it invisible?


Never mind, read wrong.

I just need to toggle its visibleness per player, it should still work on the background.


(Or a function that does that since I just checked the wiki and it doesn’t exist)


I’m pretty sure they don’t get networked. Might be wrong though.

Well, I’ve been a bit unclear. I already know how to make a rope invisible clientside, but I need a way to see which entities a class C_RopeKeyframe belongs to.

Maybe try these

Entity:GetPhysicsObjectNum ()

Maybe having a look at this will help?

Worth a shot.