How to make a Scripted Chair?

Hello people…

So my project for today is to make a chair that players can use / sit in, but I also want to bring player / scripting manipulation to it as well.
How would I go about this? Is there a base_vehicle class or something that I am able to use?


If you look in the vehicle tab, aren’t there some chairs there?

Yea, but he wants to make his own.

Yes. I want to make my own… I want to be able to do things such as disabling the players controls when in the chair, changing their view, etc.

Bump… Not neccesarily meaning its at the bottom… but I still need help :confused:

Have you looked for other addons that do the same thing you want? Find one and then take it apart bit by bit so you learn from it, don’t just copy it.

I have… I searched on, but all I could find is freaking advanced dupes for stuff… I couldnt really find any addons. I remember an addon called something like “Gun Seats” or something similar that allowed you to shoot in it. My guess would be that would be a clear example, but I cant seem to find it…