How to make a SENTs ?

I found the tutorial for making a SWEP
& Derma stuff on gmod wiki but where can I find how to make an Entities like in the Spawn menu ?

And also is there any tutorials for make it work with wiremod ?


Be more specific.

specifics are golden…
do you want it just to be a prop, be a life support thing, a bomb, what?
Spawning a entity is easy but what do you need it to do and how does wire need to interface with it

@ melindagreen & freemmaann

What I need is to spawn an Entity (a tutorial if is any there on gmod wiki ?) and how to add wire output and input on it.
(like a turret can shoot Combine ball with wire support)

sorry for late awnser.

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the best way i found to do this is to look a existing entities in your case the turret entity from the game (not sure where that is but). when in doubt download a turret addon and look at the code, the projectiles shouldnt be too hard to change up

Perfect example (if you can find it or if it exists) is the energy ball shooters in Portal. if you can find that you can change the model since most of the code will be there.

trial and error is how I learned most of this stuff and Im still learning.

Adding wire functions you can thumb through the gcombat entities and that should give you some direction