How to make a seperate category for my server?

I am wanting to make a seperate category for my server, so it comes under a category called something like SeriousRP or something like that, but how do I do that? Can someone please help me, I don’t want it under the ‘DarkRP’ category any more, please someone help!:smiley:

don’t, thanks

The system is made exactly to prevent this from happening

Code your own gamemode, ftpje did his own gamemode and he deserves to have his own category…

I don’t get why people want to do this to try to get “popular”, it’s not gonna work. Just put common search terms in the title.

SeriousRP using DarkRP - I think we should stop there :slight_smile:

I think its because everyone who is new is realizing how messed up the server browser is. Darkrp and TTT is so saturated with servers its extremely hard to get a playerbase even if your server is unique.

I get enough people as is with my server and it’s mainly all friends. I don’t have a custom gamemode name at all, nor do I need to as it’s just sandbox. I just have common search terms in the title and people come.

I am not condoning what he is trying to do. He shouldn’t be changing the name at all. Also just because something works for you doesn’t mean it will work for everyone else. Your server is running sandbox which isn’t as saturated as darkrp. This is why you have a easier time of getting players. In darkrp every server has tags with wiremod, tdmcars, and drugs mod.

Either way the devs have said they’re going to implement another way of sorting the server browser at some point in the future

Does anyone actually know how to do this or does everyone just want to criticize it? We know its not going to work so why dont we just let him find that out for himself?

It’s the foldername which decides what category it should be in. All gamemodes with “gamemode/darkrp/” will stay in same category. Keep in mind that you also need to change the text file inside the gamemode to same name as the foldername, and any startup config you have.

this was extremely necessary to tell everyone