How to make a server get noticed

I am wondering on how do I get my server get notice so I can get people joining regularly. (Maybe get a full server).

That all depends on how your server appeals to players. If it is not boring and has an objective to playing on it.

Well the server is gonna have FA:S, FastDL, Maybe 15 jobs or more, ect.

So your server is a darkrp server. Hmm. Well make sure players have something todo while playing on your server. Make custom things to attract the players attention. Also make sure the fastdl is setup correctly.

FA:S, FastDL, and 15 or more jobs? Your server will be lost in a wave of other coderhired servers with 100 VIP jobs.

You need to be different from other DarkRP servers. Have events in game (maybe a holiday theme or maybe a zombie attack every time a bank gets robbed.) that are creative. Don’t allow minges or any trolls and overall just let everyone have a good time.

How about like Events like after awhile there is an event like an Arena death match that staff puts on and like winners win gun ships (Have other ideas tell me). Will that kinda help with it getting noticed or is there a website where you could get your server noticed there (for exp:

Once you make your server unique and fun, head over to the Games in Progress forum and post details about your server. Don’t just post the IP and tell us to join. Give us a reason to. Make it look good.

(Also don’t use bought addons or workshop items then claim them as your own. We’ll know)

there isn’t afaik but would people be interested in this? I might try making one if there’s interest

Yes, good idea, you can vote servers to the top and ones that are unique can be “featured” etc

Games in progress fourm?