How to make a server that doesn't use Garry's anti-cheat?

I heard that Garry’s Mod has a new anticheat that works for certain Lua hacks, to supplement VAC. I know a server can remove the cheaters.cfg file to allow people it bans to play, but how can a server prevent people from getting banned for hacking on that server? Say someone’s curious what it’s like playing with hacks, but doesn’t want to actually cheat in a server. They may create their own server, or maybe one of their friends owns one and gives permission. How would the server owner prevent bans from being caused by hacking on that server?

I don’t run a server, so obviously I wouldn’t have any use for this (at least not now.) But I’m just curious how it would be done, and make sure it’s possible. Also I just don’t like anti-cheat software (though I understand this opinion isn’t popular among others unless they cheat.) If I host a server and someone hacks on it, I would ban them from my server, but I don’t want to rat them out to other servers. :v: Sue me.

(If anyone thinks I’m trying to cheat, they probably misunderstood my post. I’m not asking how to prevent the anti-cheat from detecting hacks on my computer; I’m asking how a server owner could prevent the anti-cheat from running on their players’ computers.)

EDIT: I just thought of another potential use for such a feature. Hacks don’t ruin anything for other players in the sandbox gamemode, so sandbox servers would probably want to do this. It may be disabled for that gamemode already, but what if someone makes a similar gamemode that also wouldn’t be ruined by hackers?

afaik you don’t get banned for just using lua “hacks” by themself, it’s only if you are bypassing sv_allowcslua to use it on servers that do not have it enabled.

sv_allowcslua 1 and everyone can do whatever they want, that’s all you need. There is no need to allow hacks if people don’t need hacks to run their hacks if you allow hacks.

They can’t prevent Garry from banning them but they can just overwrite his ban on the server.

Use my bypass that works just fine.

Just keep it on. Its better. Plus most the lua hackers are script kiddies

To all those hackers that are mad
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All of the posts on this thread are wrong.

First: You can get banned just for scripts, but only for extremely good, extremely popular hacks. BlueBot (made by the inflated ego, Blue Kirby) is just one example

Second: You could you use the module, but it won’t work for 75% of hosted servers at popular hosts, since they use Linux, not Windows. And even if you do use it, it will only prevent the anti-cheat from kicking you, it WILL still ban you.

@OP; if you want to bypass GAC, find a way to stop it from banning people (from your server.dll, or in a module), then finally use a module to stop it from kicking banned people, and kicking people that hack (which SHOULDN’T be a problem). And if you just want to prevent yourself from being banned (FROM ANY SERVER), that is 100% easy. Just search up how his old anticheat worked (he just changed the url for the it, and updated the list with more processes) and find a way to block it yourself.

Good day.

Garry has already stated it won’t do anything about Lua scripts at all, popular or not.

you dont know how gmod works.

There where a fair few people banned for a particular LUA only script afaik.

The popular one being BlueBot which execute an exploit to bypass sv_allowcslua, while this was an exploit it was to my understanding 100% LUA.

I’m looking @ bluebot and I don’t see any exploit?

Are you sure it’s not the one that needs cvar3?