How to make a Spiralling/Corkscrew Ramp?

I’ve looked everywhere and the only results are “how to make spiral stairs”.

I want to make a spiral RAMP, exactly like the ones shown in this video:

Just a simple corkscrew-shaped ramp.

Does anyone know how to make one?

So close.

Tell me the difference?

Um… perhaps look at the tutorials and decide for yourself? You honestly can’t see it…?

They’re the same method.

Well I think mine’s a little more…head on… I guess.

Thanks for the links!

What is that in your avatar?

Whenever I see it, I think of Toy Story…

Whenever I see yours… I go… What the fuck? But let’s not turn this into an avatar fight.

That’s Laharl, the main character from the first of the current trilogy of games, Disgaea. A much under-appreciated series of turn-based RTS-s that I’ve logged hundreds of hours on. I sadly can’t play the third game however as it’s a PS3 exclusive and I’m not shelling out the multi-hundred dollar price tag for one of those things. Continuing with the trend of the games, however, I hear that the story is even worse than the second game’s but the gameplay continues to improve. And yes, I like to advertise it anywhere and anytime I can.

I see it now. My method has better optimization, and with a miniature amount of tweaking, it becomes exactly what this guy needs.
Now, next time, when there is an answer, and it works, dont post your own idea of whats right, and turn the thread into an unnecessarily large and lasting thread, where nobody ends up happy.
Just leave it be.
You get respected more when you do that.

I find it really ironic coming from you when you say that I turned the topic into an unnecessarily long one. He asked for a spiral/corkscrew ramp. You know what the tutorial I have him a link to is called? Spiral ramp. Forgive me for thinking that that may better suit his needs. I understand that the tutorial you gave a link to can serve the same purpose but I felt that there were better alternatives. I figured that would end the topic there, maybe with you posting, oh, that would work too, or I guess that works, but I think mine leads to better optimization. But no, instead you respond with some completely absurd comment asking me to show the difference between the two when it’s blatantly obvious. The link I posted gives him exactly what he needs; a spiral ramp. Yours focuses on a more general method, showing how to use it for other purposes as well. While not necessarily bad, I figured I’d post another link to another tutorial that would surely help him. If the method described in your link truly is superior in some way, you could’ve posted that straight off but instead you become overly defensive. If the message I included with the link sent the wrong message, I’m sorry.

Both of you shut up. Topic is resolved. Case closed. Let this die already.