how to make a static light imitate light_dynamic

I’m making a map which plays around with a lot of omni-directional light_dynamics’. Naturally, to save resources and avoid engine limitations, I want to mix in some static light entities where no movement is required. However, simply copying over the settings results in a very bright, very ugly light compared to the light_dynamic. I’ve been blindly fiddling with the constant-linear-quadratic and falloff settings, but I have limited experience messing with them. As a result, I always get lighting that isn’t what I hoped for, or which is unrealistic.

Has anyone else found a good combination of settings that makes static lights resemble dynamic ones? If not, then can someone who is actually any good at lighting give me some pointers? I know a lot of the basics, and have used the constant-linear-quadratic settings successfully in the past, but it was all trial and error.

If anyone wants an example to work off of, this is what the dynamic lights in my level look like:

I apologize for any crappy video settings that picture may contain :pudge: