how to make a swep from nothing

i have not downloaded any lua altering…things (idk what to call them programs or something else) but ive been wanting to learn how like how people make admin guns or guns that might be able to change a player model if they get shot with it

and i was wondering has anyone made a swep where the secondary fire hits what your aiming at with the butt of the gun or pistol whips them

Example swep by Garry:’s_Example_SWEP

All weapon hooks for a SWEP:

To change someone’s model:
(Change the model on primary fire or something:

As for your second question. Do you mean a melee attack like in L4D or what?

yea but not like left 4 dead mabey with more of an elbow in it where they swing and hit them with their elbew bt use the butt of the gun as sort of support/buffer

first, learn how to use spell check, as for the melee on a weapon, you need to make or use an animation that the gun model came with, so you would need ACT_VM_SECONDARYATTACK or ACT_VM_MELEE if the gun has that animation

i have no lua knowledge whatso ever i dont even know where to start and stuff like that