How to make a SWEP pack?

I have been playing around with the development of SWEPS for gmod for a bit now and would like to release some weapons. The problem is, i don’t know how to put multiple SWEPS in one pack. If anybody knows how to create SWEP packs please post some advice. Thanks in advance, -2FacedSloth

i think you can create multiple subfolders, one for each weapon. you could look at other weapon packs too. just extract the file tree out of the .gma file of a swep pack.

the extractor is called gmad.

In one folder, you have to have a lua, materials, models, and sound folder. The models could be placed anywhere in the models folder, and the materials should be in the same folder/subfolder order they came in. Sounds should be in the folder/subfolder order that the lua files for the weapons use.

In the lua folder, make a folder titled “weapons”, and within that one make a subfolder for each weapon you have. Each individual subfolder within “lua\weapons” should have a specific name, preferably related to the weapon you’ll put inside. then put each shared.lua into the individual subfolders.

Hope I made sense explaining that.

Thanks Guys!