How to make a weapon play a constant sound, which other players can also hear?

Hi, I have the TTT cloaking device on my server:
I find it a bit too OP so I thought it would be better if the weapon would play a constant sound. I’m not the best with lua but i guess it would require editing the SWEP.Think function, but that runs every tick as far as I know, so it would cause lag I guess. The weapon works by just equipping it i.e. no left/right clicking. So I need the weapon to emit a sound every time the weapon is equipped. The sound would also need to be heard by others so they know that a player is cloaked and is able to find them using the direction of the sound.

This part is off-topic but if anyone has suggestions on how I can make this weapon less OP that would be cool. I did think of using a cooldown feature but that is was out of my coding capability.

–edit-- fixed, here is my code:

function SWEP:Deploy()
timer.Create(“timer_name”, 5, 0, function()
local sound= Sound( your_sound.wav" )
self.Weapon:EmitSound( sound)
end )
replace timer_name with a suitable name and 5 with the length of the sound file.
function SWEP:Holster( wep )
return true
replace timer_name with the name you used in SWEP:Deploy

Yeah I was just messing with that and it only plays the sound once, I tried to create a infinite loop but that just crashes the server. Is there any otherway behinds creating a huge looping wav file?

Put the sound playing function in a timer that loops infinitely for however long the sound file lasts, then destroy the timer in this: