How to make addons show up?

Alright so I’m making an addon. I made a folder and put the model’s materials and models inside. When I enter Gmod and go to browse nothing shows up. Help?

It might need an info.txt

 	"name"		""
 	"version"	""
 	"up_date"	""

 	"author_name"	""
 	"author_email"	""
 	"author_url"	""

 	"info"		""

Thanks but it still doesn’t show up. :\

To add it to the spawn list go to your spawnlist folder and make a new text file


name it whatever you want and put this in the text file

		"name" "My Addons Spawn List Category"
		"1" "models/your_first_model.mdl"
		"2" "models/your_second_model.mdl"