How to make an admin in my server

Hello guys. I have got a question about how to put admins automatically in my server. I know how to put them by myself, we go in the srcds’ console and we say ASS_GiveOwnership [name] for the owner and ASS_PromotePlayer [name] [admin lvl]

But know I don’t know how to put the automatically without needed to write it and without needed to join in the server. We do something with the IDs? We do in the server.cfg ASS_GiveOwnership [ID]?
How we can do it? Please tell me, thanks

Someone plz tell me…

I don’t think there is an RCON command to do that. In assmod I think you have to go into the game to do it.

In assmod we need to do it from srcds to make me owner, but anyways thanks

ass_giveownership <user>

For remote adding:

ulx adduserid Name Group SteamID Immunity


ulx adduser nikos superadmin STEAM_0:0:5555555 1

would add STEAM_0:0:5555555 with immunity from other admins’ powers under superadmin and in ULX’s users.txt they would be labeled nikos (doesn’t matter what the name is as long as you have the STEAMID right, it’s only for your reference)

you could also join the server and

ulx adduser username admin 1

which would add the person named nikos on the server as admin with immunity (just remove the 1 if you don’t want them to be immune to other admin’s powers)

oh wait you’re using ASSMod


Well yes… I am using assmod lol. Anyways, wilderbeast, I wasn’t searching how to add me admin from srcds, just when I open my server to be automaticly admin :wink: I see there is not answer so there isn’t a trick to do that. Anyways thanks for replying guys :wink:

Try this in your autoexec.cfg file in the [C:\srcds\orangebox\garrysmod\cfg] folder.

Here’s what you want:

ass_giveownership STEAMID_GOES_HERE operator

If you want to make certain people respected, just do it through the +ass_menu binded key and set their rank (never operator) using the GUI that comes with ASSMod. It should keep them in that rank on reboot. If it doesn’t, do the same thing you did to make yourself operator, only replace “operator” with respected, admin or superadmin.

Thanks dude.